Massengil Provides Tools for Dealing With Difficult People at June Luncheon

Jane Massengil, LCSW, led a useful and informative class-style presentation at the June luncheon

The June 14, 2017 luncheon meeting of the East Bay Claims Association offered attendees a great opportunity to learn some tools for personal space in dealing with difficult people. Licensed Registered Social Worker, Jane Massengil, LRSW, created a great open forum for the crowd to engage, and share their experiences. She was told that, in Claims work, the insured is unhappy and looking for someone to blame for their loss. Claimants can be difficult, and often have unreasonable expectations with regard to the handling of their claim. All of this adjusters and the support providers deal with on a daily basis. Ms. Massengil caught on to the fact that the position most of the folks in the audience are in regularly really could benefit from the information and tools she came to share.

When we know we have to make an unpleasant telephone call, for example, "we want to run for the hills," she stated. She explained she had four older brothers and understands running away. She then proceeded to offer up a tool to anyone could use to help draw a level of personal protect.

Jane instructed the audience to "place the image of a flower in front of you an allow it to draw the attention energy being thrown at you,". She also suggested to "pretend you are wrapped in Saran Wrap and no one can hurt you. We all want to feel good at the end of the day."

Drawing from the book Taming Your Gremlins, Massengil stated "We don't love conflict. We love peace." Whether working with contentious claimants, fellow workers/bosses, or even personal relationships, she led the group through what amounted to a relaxation, or even meditiation, process, whereby each participant could find their own separation and truth outside of any issues the person with whom they might be faced may have.

"Peace/inner contentment is something we all have within us," she said.

She shared what she called "the tool of Awareness". Leading the group through an informal meditation of sorts, Ms. Massengil demonstrated with the interactivity how much dealing with others can have as much to do with how we are within ourselves. Jane Massengil's presentation served more as a session that was very well received, with numerous people expressing their pleasure with the information presented.

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